Price List 2014


Guineas free ranging on the property (right picture)..

Guinea Keets available starting 5/5/2014.
Poultry chicks will be available late May early June this year. Turkey poults will be available late spring/early summer. Get your orders in early as they do go fast.

All chicks are raised to at least 3 to 4 weeks old, I usually do not sell day olds. Small orders welcomed. You do not have to buy a large number.

If there is a breed that is not on my price list, contact me. I may be able to get some for you.

I am located in Athens, NY which is 30 miles south of Albany, NY or about 2 hours north of New York City.

Listed below are the prices for 2014
Prices below are guaranteed for all pre-orders or pick-ups before July 1st. If prices for feed, electric and fuel continue to rise, prices are subject to change after July 1st. To pre-order, send me an email stating the breed of chick, color, and number. Please include your phone number. I will contact you to verify that I have the correct information and give you a tentative availability schedule. Send me an email if you would like to be added to next year's contact list.


Large Egg Layers

Brown Egg Layers
Type Price Each
Rhode Island Red Pullets 3-5 weeks old $7.00
Barred Rock Pullets 3-5 weeks old $7.00
************ ************ ************

White Egg Layers
Type Price Each
Leghorn Pullets 3-5 weeks old $7.00
************ ************ ************

Type Price Each
Muscovy Ducks Unsexed 3-5 weeks old $10.00
Many colors

Blue Egg Layers
Type Price Each
Araucana Bantams - Pet Quality Unsexed 3-5 weeks old $15.00
Araucana - Show Quality Sexed - True Rumpless Email for prices
Black Black Breasted Red

Bantams - They are all sold unsexed. Bantams can not be sexed as chicks. At times I have a few show quality Polish bantams available. Email me for more information.

3-5 weeks old Price List
Type Unsexed Price Each
Polish Standard Size Unsexed - Golden Laced $12.00
Polish - Pet Quality Unsexed WC Black, Silver Laced $12.00
Polish - Show Quality Sexed - WC Cuckoo, WC Khaki, WC Chocolate, WC Blue, Silver Laced, Frizzle $20.00 - 25.00
************ ************ ************


Price List
Type Price Each
Bourbon Red Unsexed 4-7 weeks old $12.00
Bourbon Red Unsexed 8-12 weeks old $15.00
************ ************ ************


Type Price Each
Pearl Unsexed 3-5 weeks old $10.00
Chocolate Unsexed 3-5 weeks old $12.00
************ ************ ************


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