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Listed below are poultry related sites:

American Poultry Association www.americanpoultryassn.com

The American Bantam Club www.bantamclub.com

NE Bantam Club - One of the oldest clubs specifically for bantam chickens and ducks www.newenglandbantamclub.org

The American Silkie Bantam Club was established in 1923 and reorganized in 1931 www.americansilkiebantamclub.com

National Silkie Breeders Association - Diverse people who love silkies www.nationalsilkiebreedersassociation.org

Rhode Island Red Large Fowl By Robert Blosl www.bloslspoutlryfarm.tripod.com/id29.html

Rhode Island Red Club of America - One of the oldest American chicken breed www.crohio.com/reds/

Polish Breeders Club www.polishbreedersclub.com

Guinea Fowl International Breeders Association - The original International club www.bantomclub.com

GFBA - Guinea fowl organization that encoruarges, supports and informs guinea fowl breeders www.gfba.org

United Peafowl Assocation www.peafowl.org